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Takacat - Sport Series Boats

Unparalleled engineering and development from the Takacat LX Series

We invite you to have a look at the innovative design features that make the LX Series the most exciting inflatable boat on the market.

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The Takacat Sport has a closed bow to provide a more traditional dinghy appeal. The closed bow helps keep splash to a minimum to keep passengers and gear dry.


The Sport Series boats boast single chamber hulls in the T260S, T300S, and T340S sizes. There is a baffle in the front separating the chambers in the left and right hulls. The T380S has additional baffles in left and right hulls creating four total fill chambers. Halkey-Roberts fill valves are utilized for fast, reliable inflation and deflation. Pressure relief valves prevent over-pressurization when left in the hot sun.


Non-skid PVC on the air deck floor creates a ridgid slip-free surface providing structural integrity while maintaining portability. Ultra UV Stabilized, it will not get chalky over time. Unlike the Takacat LX Series, the Sport series does not come with a detachable keel fin to transform the air deck floor into an inflatable SUP in the larger sizes.


Catamaran design makes for efficient and easy rowing while also tracking well, even in a crosswind. The catamaran design also ensures the boat tracks well while being towed.


The open transom and raised floor keeps the water out and the floor dry. Any water that does find its way in, will go straight out the back. You can leave your bailers or half-empty milk jugs on shore!


Halkey-Roberts fill valve for fast, reliable inflation and deflation. Pressure relief valves prevent over-pressurization when left in the hot sun.

See it in Action!


Takacat Sport Series inflatable tenders can be rolled up into two carry bags due to the innovative Tube Transom® system. The fully removable transom makes them some of the easiest boats in the market to transport and store.

Easy to Set Up

Quick and easy to assemble once you reach your destination. Just inflate and go!

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With a lineup of four unique models, the Takacat Sport Series has a boat for every activity and need. Every model is built with the signature clever design and solid 3-ply PVC construction that makes Takacat boats a tough, stable and fun option on any water.

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